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Training Program

Kane Intentional Communication™ Training Program (KICI)

Most companies right now are dealing with employee in-fighting, low morale, negativity within the workspace, managing resistance to people coming back into the office, and high turnover rates.

While we can say it’s due to Covid, what is really breaking down is how people are communicating with one another.

Knowing how to connect with each other in a calm and helpful manner is what keeps senior leaders and their co-workers engaged, productive, and connected; these skills build a safe space grounded in community and collaboration. It’s what keeps everyone feeling seen, valued, heard and appreciated for the work they do – seeing themselves as part of something bigger than themselves – a team.

These past years have been difficult. They’ve created a lot more stress and overwhelm and we see it firsthand with what’s happening within company culture.

And that’s where the Kane Intentional Communication Training Program comes in. 

Course #1: What is Kane Intentional Communication ?

This is an introductory course to understanding what Kane Intentional Communication is.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • what is communicating intentionally
  • what are the guidelines of communication
  • what is the practice to communicate intentionally

This is a three-week online course. There are video lessons, exercises and a mini quiz at the end of each lesson, with a weekly live Q&A call about the material with Cynthia. You will receive Cynthia’s book How to Communicate like a Buddhist and an online workbook.

Price per employee = $111

* We recommend that all employees take course #1 and that team leaders take course #1 and course #2

Course #2: How to Communicate Intentionally

This is an implementation course, with private instruction where you learn how to communicate intentionally in your real work interactions.

This is an online training with weekly Voxer support from Cynthia as well as four 1:1 calls with her. Participants will receive Cynthia’s books Talk to Yourself like a Buddhist and How to Meditate like a Buddhist and training workbook. Those who complete the training have a four month check in call after the training.

Price per team leader = $888


If you’re interested in offering this training within your company, you can fill out the application page here.
And if you have questions you’d like to ask first feel free to reach out to us at